“Hercules” and im not talking about the disney movie… sadly.


Sooo this happened. It was just as you expected a complete lie. Throughout the whole movie was basically a lie. I even think Dwayne Johnson was a lie he was never in it and his was CG…  The direction was not even great from the directors perspective im not sure what he was thinking. The movie in real time didn’t even flow realistically it looked fake. This was a very bad take Hercules.

I give it a 3/10 Please dont waste your time go see a different movie.

I apologize if you actually enjoyed this movie but try and watch “TNMT” actually very good and stayed tuned for the new review coming out very soon.


Guardians of the Galaxay

So here we go again. Its been a long time since i’ve posted something so why not start with a movie that might not be in theatres anymore.

And if you want play this amazing sound track as you read this.


This movie was unreal. So it had Chris Pratt If you dont know who Chris is click on his name. His biggest role had to be Parks and Recreation and he is hilarious and in that role, and just as funny in this role as Star Lord.

It starts off just the way you expect and then jumps right into a great music montage. This movie is filled with tons of laughs and a great cast. But I don’t understand why they had Vin Diesel as GROOT. Supposedly he had to record the hardest lines of life and say “I am GROOT” 1000 times. Kinda pointless anyways that was off topic. But this is a must see movie and there will be tons of sequels to follow.

I really liked how they kept it pretty unpredictable at many moments you didn’t know what Star Lord was going to do next which was refreshing to see in a hero movie.

But if your an extreme geek you’d like this article check it out


Overall I enjoyed this movie I would give it 9.2/10 This is a definite must see if its still in your theatres near you. I know for sure im going to try and drag my sister out to see it again.

For now Im going to leave you with this delightful youtube video of mini Groot.

Stay Tuned for the next Review, And Hockey starts soon so thats pretty crucial.


So lets start off. Hemlock Grove Season 2.  Im Not really sure how to explain this series. Its not based that much on the Mythology as last season and more on the character development of Peter, Roman and the evil Olivia Godfrey.

They Introduced a new character and her name is Mirand in the series. She is a weird character that develops as the story goes along.

So the neat thing about this series is that you are always entertained and the twists and turns are always unpredictable it is very well directed and as always the cinematography is spectacular. Creator of the series Eli Roth and if you didn’t know , Eli Roth produced Hostel and he was actually in Inglorious Basterds thought id throw that random fact in there.

It was interesting seeing Roman and Peter trying to re connect throughout the series and waiting for them to forgive each other and make up from Peter running away last season.

You also see Roman’s new addiction worsen and his fear of turing into his mother becoming a reality when all he wants is to be human again.

Peter is on his own journey of trying to help his mother, and also find out what the erie dreams mean. But I do have to add I was expecting more of a bad ass out of peter maybe more rebellious than always waiting for Roman.

Overall this series was pretty good and dark and ominous did not expect it to be as good as season 1. Twitter Fans are already raving for the series to be renewed.

Hemlock enthusiasts are wanting another season and after the huge cliff drop that happened at the end “wow”. I would like to see another season.

Im going to rate this series 8.4/10. This is Tavis Approved. So now go waste the next 10 hours of your life in this amazing show bring snacks.

Tavis Nembhard…

Sex Tape Starring Cameron Diaz & Jason Segal

So lets start off without ruining the movie for you fans that enjoy Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz, even thought you can probably guess the ending or the plot because the movie is very static and boring.

LETS GET RIGHT IN. The movie barley had any funny moments maybe one or two points where you actually laughed. It was like Jason Segal was trying to be funny than actually just being funny (if that makes sense). He is a lot more comedic when he is not such huge name like Diaz. I much preferred him in “Forgetting Sarah Marshal” or “I Love You Man”.

My movie review on this movie is defiantly a 3.7/ 10. I wish I could have given it a higher score but to be honest DON’T GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  But if you want to go see this movie just to possibly see Diaz nude by all means go ahead.

This movie was so lame couldn’t find any interesting facts sorry guys on the next blog I post il find some about the tv series of movies.

Stay tuned next blog post will be on “Hemlock Grove” and “The Strain”.



So to start of this movie was a bit lengthy, and ill try not to spoil anything.

This movie was 5 bananas out of 3 strawberries no im kidding its 6.5/10 the only reason the acting was not the best.  This movie had an interesting plot its when these aliens are looking to invade but every time Tom Cruise or “Cage” dies for some reason  his day restarts. Its basically the same plot like ground hog, but only difference theres no groundhogs only aliens.

I would recommend to see this if its a cheapy tuesday movie and you enjoy seeing action movies and also seeing emily blunt or “rita” kinda kick ass. She has better aim than in “the five year engagment”. hahaha

Some interesting facts:

#1 The suits from the movie weighed around 85lbs and emily struggled doing some stunts.

#2  apparently some of the sets used in this movie were borrowed for Harry Potter.

#3 Brad Pitt was originally casted for this movie. until scheduling with his previous movie would cause to much trouble Tom Cruise grabbed it.

Poll Time



HeLlO Im Tavis.

Hey internet,

How are you doing? hopefully pretty good. Anyways lets get right too the point, Im creating this blog too just have an opinion on movies and tv shows and im also starting a VLOG. hopefully it will be very entertaining.

Il tell you right off the start I love comedies and marvel movies it might be an addiction.  but im amazed at how well marvel movies have done. to start this first blog of I will talk about my top 5 movies which to me right now might be difficult.

1. (to be determined) basically il let you know on my death bed which movie in my whole entire life that was the best composed edited, scripted, acting and moving.

2. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 

3.Marvels Series (all them) I know its cheating but shhhh its such an amazing series except the first Thor probably because it was Directed by on the actors in Harry Potter haha kidding.

4. TED 

5. The Goonies 

Those are overall my top movies, If you guys have any thing to add or disagree with my top adds leave a comment.

And guys look forward to the next posts Il be going over the new show Hemlock grove first episode to lastttt… If its anything like last season which actually blew me away… anyways stay tuned.

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